Отличия английского и американского изданий книг о Гарри Поттере

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Отличия английского и американского изданий книг о Гарри Поттере


The Philosopher’s Stone & The Sorcerer’s Stone
Information & activities by Gareth Pitchford

When the Philosopher’s Stone was released in the US it was renamed the Sorcerer’s Stone… presumably to make it sound more magic orientated rather than philosophy orientated! As a result the Philosopher’s Stone in the actual book was changed to the Sorcerer’s Stone. It wasn’t the only change, however, as other changes were made to the text.

I’ve detailed the changed in the table below. I haven’t included changes due to differences in hyphenation and only a selection of the spelling changes have been included. The page numbers are based on the UK Bloomsbury and US Scholastic paperback editions.

UK edition
US edition
p8/p1 Mr Mrs Mr. Mrs.
p8/p1 moustache mustache
p8/p1 neighbours neighbors
p8/p2 grey gray
p9/p2 goodbye good-bye
p10/p6 “Shan’t” “Won’t”
p13/p10 rumours rumors
p13/p10 sherbet lemon lemon drop
p16/p14 motorbike motorcycle
p19/p18 different-coloured bobble hats different-colored bonnets
p19/p18 roundabout carousel
p19/p19 cooker stove
p20/20 Sellotape Scotch tape
p21/21 mummy mommy
p21/22 cine-camera video camera
p21/22 remote-control aeroplane remote control airplane
p21/22 video recorder VCR
p23/22 hamburger bars hamburger restaurants
p23/22 cinema movies
p23/22 holiday vacation
p23/p24 fringe bangs
p23/24 Sellotaped taped
p23/24 jumper sweater
p23/24 bobbles puff balls
p23/24 glove puppet hand puppet
p24/25 bins trash cans
p24/25 favourite favorite
p24/25 beetroot beet
p24/26 ice lolly ice pop
p25/27 dustbin trash can
p28/32 comprehensive public school
p29/33 letter-box mail slot
p29/33 post mail
p35/41 motorway highway
p36/43 ploughed plowed
p36/43 multi-storey car park multilevel parking garage
p37/44 rowing boat row boat
p41/49 maths math
p41/p50 mum mom
p49/62 mint humbugs peppermint humbugs
p51/65 harbour harbor
p52/65 notes bills
p54/68 gummy toothless
p54/69 honour honor
p67/88 hoover vacuum
p68/90 trolley cart
p69/91 ticket box ticket inspector’s stand
p71/94 colour color
p76/101 liquorice licorice
p76/102 pasties and cakes pasties, cakes and candies
p78/104 bogey booger
p82/110 driver conductor
p83/110 trainers sneakers
p92/123 chips fries
p93/125 jelly Jell-O
p97/130 pyjamas pajamas
p115/155 dressing-gowns bathrobes
p124/167 football soccer
p124/168 rounders bat small baseball bat
p127/172 toilets bathroom
p136/184 changing rooms locker room

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